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Teambuilding Workshop for School Teachers & Staff


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Corporate Events:

Today's corporate landscape is inundated with literature aimed at helping corporations and their employees. The idea, presented in "Synergy for Success" is that through team building and confidence exercises, employers and employees alike will learn to work more efficiently as a team, and as a result, GET THE EDGE over their competitors.


Unity and Team Building:

How do you promote a sense of unity? How do you create a functional team environment in your place of work? Jeff's "Synergy for Success" program has the answers for you.


School Events:


Educational Drumming

What an exciting way to introduce music to students! Jeff Salem has structured facilitated programs for students of all ages from 5 to 25 years old and offers them in the Toronto and Greater Toronto area. Interactive drumming is a powerful and unifying experience for them. Every student will receive a drum and other various percussion hand held instruments. The student is taught how to play and through a facilitated circle, learns not only to play, but also to listen to others. This culminates into an exciting and fun experience.


Birthday Parties

All the instruments, music and surprises are provided. Jeff will create a fun, entertaining and educational moment for everyone with his facilitation skills incorporating fun musical games. No size is too small or too big. All ages are welcome, kids to adults.




Our school workshops focus on:

· Understanding the difference between beats and rhythms

· Distinguishing between higher and lower pitched sounds

· Creating rhythm patterns

· Teach call and response

· Singing familiar songs in tune and in unison

· Exploring instruments and sounds from various cultures

· Sharing our thoughts and feelings in various manners

· Recognizing the importance of each individual's achievements and how that adds to the unity of the whole.


Therapeutic Drumming for Seniors

You will learn many different rhythms in a relaxed and therapeutic manner and style.

Aside from this being a very fun experience, there are many healing benefits in drumming:

Improved circulation in the hands and body

Loosens stiff joints in the shoulders, arms and wrists

Stimulates the mind, giving a true sense of self worth and importance

accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system

Demonstrate individual effect on the large whole

Encourage clear communication

Develop listening and expressing skills

Inspire community involvement

Working together as a team

Develop confidence


Benefits of school drumming for Students:

student circle

• Non-verbal communication

• Integrates left and right brain activity

• Group bonding

• Socialization

• Breaking down cultural, gender and age barriers

• Building self-esteem and confidence

• Promotes individuality

• Promotes leadership

• Promotes individuals' awareness of their uniqueness and contribution to the group


• Creates powerful team spirit for school\club or cultural groups

• Creates a co-operative rather than competitive spirit

• Offers a powerful alternative to drugs and alcohol

• Anger Release

• Strengthens motor, visual and auditory co-ordination

• Encourages creative expression