Jeff did a great job turning 20 salespeople into drumming, dancing, musical fiends. My staff can't stop talking about how much they enjoyed the event and how drumming taught them to work closer as a team. I highly recommend this as a teambuilding event."

Greg Allworth

Regional Sales Manager - Ohio Valley


"Wow, what a session. I've been going to these team-building events for several years now, and this one was about the BEST! It nicely integrated what is intrinsically interesting to all; "music, & percussion in particular" with the business environment. It put us face to face with those we interact with every day, all working together to a common, fun filled goal."


"Well done Jeff. Hope to "do it again".

Jim Quance

Program Development & Management

GlaxoSmithKline Inc.

  Hand drumming

"Jeff is a super musician and a personable educator. He was great with the kids, we all learned lots. We appreciate your support! Thanks!"

Oliver Din, Music Director - Turner Fenton Campus


"Excellent! Jeff is not only a superb musician but an excellent educator and facilitator Looking forward to having Jeff Salem back next year."

Charles Di Raimondo, Music Director - Gordon Graydon Senior Public


"Jeff took our small group of 10 and made us sound like a percussion sympathy. This was a fun energetic teambuilding event. I recommend it to everyone".

Doris Roll: Lufthansa Airlines :


"Highly motivational, excellent communicator in reaching out to all the students. Jeff is an excellent musician who demonstrated a myriad of reasons for striving for high standards, not in just music but anything you want to do with your life."

Susan Barber, Music Director - The Woodlands School

  group of hand drummers

"In one word: FANTASTIC!!!"

"Perfect for all age groups!"

"Jeff is a true entertainer! He had everyone participating and interacting in the program! They didn't want it to end"

"Fun for everyone!"

"Even the staff want to join in!"

"Jeff, you and your staff have always provided an amazing program, so if you think you can word something better feel free to, and we will back it up! Nothing but great feedback all around! Thank you as always!"

Sarah Lodeserto, P.A. Day Coordinator


We had a great time - you could likely tell from all the smiling and laughter. You have a great style and sense of humor. Your workshop helped us blow off some steam while you reinforced messages about teamwork and leadership. Well done!"

Leslie Stackle - Tim Horton's

  Hand drumming

Jeff's energetic and engaging performance with my group of 90 diversified colleagues was a great experience. We all used percussion instruments to interact with one another in a fun and co-operative style. Everyone saw, without any explicit instruction, that we work together best when listen carefully to each other, as well as contribute. The exercise was also incredibly fun and put everyone in the mood for teamwork and accomplishment.

Scott Goodman National Director, Human Resources Parmalat Canada


A very worthwhile day for my students, The sessions included cultural drumming as well as a history of 20th century music and drumming. These interactive sessions were GREAT!!!!

Rob Chambers Anthropology teacher at Orangeville District High school